The creator of Vape was a Chinese

She Lik, the man who created the vape, was born in China in September 1951.
He came up with his innovation when his father passed away in lung cancer. And wanted to find another alternative to smoking.

In 2001, the creation of vape, a device that would give the nicotine rush without smoking cigarettes, began. The challenge managed to scale the mechanism down to a miniature size, suitable for a handheld cigarette shaped unit. And get the right dose of nicotine, while getting the right smell from harmless additives.

“I knew vape would be a revolutionary invention,” she said in an interview

Some in China have called vapes for “the fifth invention”. After Navigation, gunpowder, printing and paper. In 2001, weapons were large and the juice was made for food flavor replacement.
Meanwhile, one worked on a vape with ultrasound but the smoke became far too similar to cigarette smoke. The months went by and Lik’s idea of ​​vape was increasingly refined.

And a less practical vape came to it. In 2003, the patents were taken in China and in 2004 Vape came out on the market. Through the company Ruyan that She then worked for.
She owned only 0.79 percent of the shares in the company. [Requested] After the financial crisis in 2007, it was purchased by a company in Hong Kong, Dragonite. The aim was to sell the invention to the British Tobacco War Imperial Tobacco, for approximately EUR 55 million. In 2014, the inventor was still expecting royalties due to several lawsuits in the US and Europe.

In 2005, Ruyan began exporting vape abroad and entered the United States

They rose with sucess and in 2014 the vape company was worth 5 trillion US dollars. And is expected to rise to 15 trillion by 2019.

Top 5 sales of vape look like this:


Worth mentioning is that before Lik started with vaping, he went to “Liaoning college of traditional Chinese medicine” in 1982. With the main subject “pharmacist”. After school, Just 10 years spent in a state-owned company in the field of agriculture where he produced. A “ginseng plant” which we now know by the name “aprodisiac”.

She Lik sees vape as the digital camera that took over the analog camera and became huge and famous. He said, “My celebrity will follow the development of the vape industry. In about 20 – 30 years, vape will be more than well known.

She Lik is currently working on a completely new concept, e-hooka. Which is mainly made for countries in the Middle East and North Africa, for example.