Grow your own delicious tomatoes

Red, lovely fragrant and with a taste so far from the food stores’ refrigerated tomatoes you can ever come. If it is something that pays to grow for yourself then it is tomatoes.

You don’t have to be an expert to grow your own tomatoes, it’s even quite easy. Right with water, the right soil. good weather and a portion of patience. Are the ingredients you need to be able to enjoy delicacies in different colors, shapes and tastes.

Greenhouse, pot or open air is the question

Determine where your tomato plants should grow before choosing variety. Tomato plants can range from 30 cm high up to a few meters.

Keep in mind that plants in a pot require more water and nutrients than free plants.

What kind of tomato

Choose a variety that fits your requirements. On the windowsill, a dwarf bush tomato fits well, on the balcony, small bush tomato, or amphitheater. At a warm house wall, large bush tomatoes and high-growing early varieties. And in a greenhouse, there you can grow all varieties.

Here the tomato plants thrive best:

  • On a windowsill in daylight.
  • In a quiet place, without wind.
  • On the balcony or patio.
  • In greenhouses.
  • At a warm house wall.
Light, water and nutrition

Pre-cultivate your tomato seeds indoors in nutrient-poor soil, six to ten weeks before planting. The seeds need a lot of light the first time. So extra light just above the pots is a valuable light supplement. Have lighted half a day, along with a steady temperature of about 20 degrees.

Watch out for the cold!

The plants must be softened / reclaimed when standing outside when it is approximately 10 degrees outside. Just leave them out for a few hours the first few days.

Tomato plants can be planted out when the night temperature is at least 8 degrees hot. Plant them at a distance of at least 50 cm. And place them deep so that the bottom leaf pair is just above the ground. Then pinch the bottom pair of leaves.

To tie up

Upright growing tomatoes need support. Tie the plant to a bamboo stick, tomato spiral or the like.
There are a variety of aids for tying up plants in your flower shop.

Top the plant

Especially on tall tomato plants, you should remove poachers, the small shoots that grow in the branches. Then the plant’s power is concentrated to the main stem and its branches, which gives better fruiting.


Harvest the tomatoes when they are ripe, store them at room temperature. They lose their good taste in the refrigerator. The tomatoes that do not have ripe in the autumn, you pick and sound ripe on the windowsill. Green tomatoes can be fried or used for marmalade or chutney.