Herbal tea infusions 30g


Get them quick because these dont last long!

These are loose leaf herbal infusions, which are a blend of herbs grown and dried at Meadowsweet organics, specially formulated by a herbalist for specific common ailments or just as a god tasting 100% local tea (if you live in Scotland)
Each pack contains 30g and makes about 30 cups of tea.

Feminini-tea is a balancing, nourishing and relaxing blend for women (and men too if they need some nurturing). It contains; lemonbalm, yarrow, mugwort, nettle, calendula and lavender.

Tranquili-tea is a relaxing herbal infusion that can help to calm you down, promote better sleep or help with anxiety or panic. It contains; lemonbalm, catnip, mugwort, skullcap, lavender and chamomile.

Digestabili-tea is a tea to help digestion and contains; agastache, fennel leaf, moroccan mint, marshmallow and calendula.