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By meadowsweetorganics, Jun 15 2016 07:13PM

Time has flown by! we are now working at full speed ahead as mid-summer is fast approaching.

There were 3 weeks or so of super hot sunshiney weather when we got to test our new irrigation system followed by this torrential rain that's happening right now and gives us time to take a breather (and watch the weeds grow!).

Half of the polytunnel is now planted up with 4 different cucumber varieties and 8 different kinds of tomatoes, colours including orange, green, pink and purple!

We have also been planting hundreds of cabbages, cauliflowers, kales, leeks and squash and direct sowing plenty of carrots and beetroot.

There's still lots to go.

It's also been a difficult month with our mower breaking and watching the farm slowly turn into a jungle. We finally purchased a mower attachment for the tractor last week and the second it was unloaded from the van, the skies opened after weeks of drought! So the farm is still a bit of a jungle right now..

We have been harvesting lots of lettuce, salads and edible flowers are back as are cut flower bunches and sweet peas. Meadowsweet are once again attending the St Andrew's farmer's market on the first Saturday of the month, Cupar this Saturday coming and Kirkcaldy the week after. You can also find us as part of 'Falkland Grower's & Producers' at the weekly Saturday Falkland village hall market from 10:30 to 12:30 (apart from the last of the month), which has been a great sucess so far.

We've also just started our Edinburgh deliveries again and have started selling to the New Leaf co-op in Marchmont and Grow Wild in Linlithgow. Vegboxes will be starting again next month.

The first early potatoes are beginning to flower, so we're looking forward to harvesting them soon and the summer cabbage are hearting up. Looking forward to harvest time now and the rewards for these long days!

Come on Summer!

By meadowsweetorganics, Apr 24 2016 02:50PM

Everything has finally sprung back into action since I last wrote!

What a beautiful warm and dry week we've had, although it looks to get colder again this coming week as it often does this time of year. By now the early tatties and second earlies are in the ground; maris bard & bambino. We've also planted out the first of our outdoor crops; lettuces, cauliflowers & cabbages, which are now tucked up in fleece as we prepare for a cold week ahead.

Spinach and radish seeds have also been sown outdoors and we are beginning to learn that you can never be short of polytunnel space in Scotland at this time of year!

We've been harvesting too over the past month or so; spring greens, lettuces, spring onions, lots of salad bags, spinach, purple sprouting broccoili, rocket and herbs. Our produce goes to Pillars of Hercules just down the road and the Farm Shop Direct on Kirkcaldy high street and we did a delivery to Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago. On Saturday 30th April we have our first market of the season at Kinross from 9am to 1pm, come and say hello if you're close and will also be doing a one off market in Edinburgh this Thursday at St Andrews square in the afternoon.

Our first Fife market will be the 21st of May in Cupar and there will also be a weekly market begiining in Falkland around the same time.

Back into full swing nearly!

By meadowsweetorganics, Mar 8 2016 04:26PM

Welcome to our first blog post!

David and I have finally emerged from our winter hibernation and are beginning to prepare for a second season at Meadowsweet Organics!

The first seeds have already been sown including leeks, onions, lettuce, early cabbages and some hardy flowers. The propagator is full once again and the polytunnel beginning to fill up with seedings.

The polytunnel is also a hive of activity. It seems those hardy wee plants who braved the winter have made it through and are now growing away happily in the March sun including lettuces, spring greens, spinach and salad leaves.

We have started selling again locally, just some leeks, salad bags and kale, but not quite enough to any big orders or markets quite yet. That all depends on how the Spring goes, but so far so good with plenty of sunny, cold, windless days over the past weeks, which have been perfect for getting on with building our packhouse with is almost ready! David is installing the final wall as I speak and then all's left to do is the shelves and a table and then we will be packing vegetables in style!

Not much is happening outdoors on the farm apart from the overwintered broad beans and herbs, which are slowly coming back to life. We are going to grow a lot more potatoes this year and a whole room of our house is full of chitting potatoes! They should be the next crop to go in the ground.

Other exciting news includes our new logo! which was designed by our friend Jenna in Edinburgh. We love it! (see pics below) and we have a tractor! which is co-owned by ourselves and our neighbours 'Falkland Kitchen Farm'. Look below to see a picture of David modelling the new tractor.

Dreaming of those long days when the field is bursting with life!

By guest, Feb 4 2015 12:08PM

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